Taproom Refresh

Ferndale Project first opened its doors on February 22, 2020. Days later, we found ourselves in a global pandemic, thrust into a world that forced us to pivot in ways we never expected we could. Because of this, our vision for Ferndale Project never had a chance to take flight.

Now, just over a year later, it’s time for a new beginning, starting with a taproom refresh. Ferndale Project was born in the passionate pursuit of craft beer, but as we head into this refresh, we have a larger goal in mind.

Ferndale Project will be a place where our staff, community, and visitors from near and far will feel welcomed and inspired. A place for you to start your day with a comfortable cup of coffee, working throughout the morning. A meeting place for families. And a place to raise a glass with friends, new and old, after a day well done.

Our mission at Ferndale Project is steeped in people and community, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Five-eighths Architecture, a local firm here in Ferndale, to bring this vision to life.

We aspire to create an environment where our neighbors, the coffee purist, haze head, and hard working parents of toddlers can rejoice as one, in one place, as one community. All in the passionate pursuit of craft, whether you’re after NEDIPAs or just a local brewery that feels like home.