brand new food concept coming wednesday, may 19

    • shareables

      3pm - 9pm // wednesday - saturday 3pm - 8pm // sunday

    • chips + salsa (vegan + gf)


      tostadas served with your choice of salsa

      roja salsa (mild, contains alliums)
      sweet and spicy salsa (medium, contains sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, clove, cinnamon)
      verde salsa (hot, contains alliums)

      salsa flight (one of each) // +$3

    • chips + guacamole (vegan + gf)


      cilantro, onion, jalapeño, served with tostadas

    • chips + queso (vegan + gf)


      vegan queso, garnished with chives and served with tostadas

      allergens: cashew

    • chip refills

    • small plates

      5pm- 9pm // wednesday - saturday

      5pm- 8pm // sunday

    • beef empanadas


      ground beef, sweet potato, poblano pepper. three per order.

      allergens: alliums, nightshades, dairy, gluten

    • customizable quesadilla


      cheese, choice of filling + side of salsa macha.

      choose one:

      -mixed mushrooms, +$1

      -salsa verde chicken, +$2

      -pulled pork, +$3

      -brisket, +$4

      base allergens: dairy, gluten, alliums, nightshades

    • taquitos (vegan + gf)


      babaganoush, cabbage, sweet + spicy salsa, avocado salsa, lime, pomegranate, mint

      two per order

      allergens: cinnamon, clove, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, alliums, nightshades

    • shrimp + mushroom empanadas*


      garlic + mushroom cream, shrimp, ginger, alliums, lime, pickled red onion, salsa verde

      three per order

      allergens: dairy, shellfish, alliums, gluten

    • tacos

      5pm - 9pm // wednesday - saturday
      5pm - 8pm // sunday

      all tacos are served with cilantro, onion, and lime

    • asparagus (vegan + gf)

      chipotle remoulade, garlic, ginger, shallot, watermelon radish

      one for $3
      three for $8

      allergens: alliums, nightshades

    • brisket (gf)

      braised tomato jus, salsa macha

      one for $4
      three for $10

      allergens: alliums, nightshades

    • cauliflower (vegan + gf)

      sweet and spicy salsa, sikil pak, pomegranate

      one for $4
      three for $10

      allergens: cinnamon, clove, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, alliums, nightshades

    • chicken (gf)

      salsa verde-braised chicken, cabbage, pickled red onion

      one for $4
      three for $10

      allergens: alliums, nightshades

    • fest-beer battered sweet potato (vegan)

      sweet potato, pickled onion, cabbage, chipotle aioli

      one for $3
      three for $8

      allergens: gluten, alliums, nightshades

    • pulled pork taco* (gf)

      pulled pork, chili marinade, pineapple + habanero salsa

      one for $4
      three for $10

      allergens: pork, alliums, nightshades

    • mixed taco combo

      choose any three tacos of your choice

      $8 for three veggie tacos
      add $1 per meat taco

    • specials

      5pm - 9pm // wednesday - saturday
      5pm- 8pm // sunday

      available while supplies last

    • mango rice pudding (vegan + gf)


      cashews, coconut

      allergens: coconut, cashew

    • kids menu

    • kids cheese quesadilla


      allergens: gluten, dairy



*consuming raw or undercooked proteins may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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