Menu items listed below are available on the patio.

Pizza + wings available 3-7pm, Tuesday-Sunday, for pickup and delivery only. Order at


Tuesday-Friday: 12PM to 8PM
Saturday + Sunday: 1PM to 8PM


    • potato latkes fritters (vegan)


      two crispy potato latkes served with vegan caraway coleslaw, fresh dill, pickled red onion, and pickled mustard seed

      allergens: soy

    • schnitzel sandwich


      oversized breaded schnitzel, caramelized onion, and stout mustard on a pretzel bun, served with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: pork, gluten, soy, dairy

    • salads + soups

    • jalapeño caesar salad (gf, vegetarian)*


      jalapeño caesar dressing, cornbread croutons, pickled onion, cherry tomatoes, corn chow chow, romaine

      allergens: dairy

    • handhelds

      served with hand-cut fries
      upgrade to hot fries $1 // upgrade to side salad $3

    • smash burger*


      1/3 pound chuck patty, ranch aioli, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, served with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: dairy,soy

    • nashville hot tofu sandwich (vegan)


      traditional nashville hot breaded tofu with dill pickle slaw on a sesame bun with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: tofu, soy, coconut, gluten

    • sides

    • basket of handcut fries (vegan)


      basket of handcut fries tossed in our house seasoning blend

      option to upgrade to hot fries, tossed in nashville hot sauce

    • for the kiddos

    • grilled cheese sammy


      vegan cheese available upon request. served with hand-cut fries.



    • BRUNCH

      Saturday + Sunday, 8am to noon

    • 567 pick-me-up (vegan)


      lemon-blueberry english muffin stuffed with vegan ricotta, banana, and tofu bacon

      allergens: gluten, soy, tree nuts

    • fried chicken n' a biscuit


      brined and fried chicken thigh in Nashville hot sauce, topped with pickles, sandwiched between a sea salt buttermilk biscuit

      allergens: gluten, soy, dairy


*consuming raw or undercooked proteins may increase your risk of foodborne illness

please inform staff of any food allergies before ordering

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