Patio Menu

    • Sessionable

    • WUNDERBOI KOLSCH by eastern market brewing co

      style: kolsch
      abv: 5%

      stein-worthy ale / lager hybrid featuring a tenacious balance of fruity yeast esters, bready pilsner malt, and german noble hops.

    • Hoppy

    • SUN DECK by ferndale project

      style: nedipa
      abv: 8.5%

      new england double ipa double dry hopped with citra, mosaic, motueka, and el dorado

    • ELEPHANT JUICE by eastern market brewing co

      style: neipa
      abv: 7.2%
      hops: citra, mosaic, mandarina bavaria

      our flagship neipa. elephant-sized additions of citra and mosaic hops give this easy-sipping hop nectar notes of candied passion fruit and citrus rind to pair with a soft biscuity mouthfeel.

    • Sour

    • HOUSE GOSE by eastern market brewing co

      style: gose
      abv: 3.9%

      our easy-drinking house beer was brewed with coriander seed and pink himalayan sea salt leading to a gose that is bright, tart, crisp, and oh so refreshing.

    • FERNDALE PROUD by ferndale project

      style: sour
      abv: 6.5%

      sour ale with (L)actose, (G)uava, (B)lackberry, (T)angerine, (Q)uince + rainbow sprinkles

    • Malty

    • WHITE COFFEE STOUT by eastern market brewing co

      style: white stout
      abv: 6.8%

      ashe supply co's ethiopian roast lends coffee notes to the aroma and taste of this lightly hued beer. cocoa nibs give the impression of sweet, white mocha.⠀

    • MORPH MAIBOCK by eastern market brewing co

      style: maibock
      abv: 6.5%

      while virtually collaborating with arclight, we put a local twist on our maibock with great lakes malting rye in the grist. as winter slowly morphs into spring, this lager links the hearth with pollination through tasty horizons of golden raisins, rye loaves with orange blossom honey, and the noble hop spice of warm weather greens.

    • DETROIT DIESEL by eastern market brewing co

      style: stout
      abv: 5.3%

      we blended all four of our favorite roasted malts to create a dark, roasty, drinkable stout with notes of dark chocolate, fresh-baked scone, and espresso with a dash of raw sugar.

    • Non-Alcoholic



    • COLD BREW by ashe supply co

    • Breakfast (9am to noon)

    • chicken + waffle sandwich

      buttermilk fried chicken, two fried eggs, chili-sage honey, smoked cheddar sandwiched between two buttermilk waffles

      allergens: gluten, soy, dairy

    • not your mom's blt (vegan)

      applewood smoked tofu, arugula, tomato, and artichoke-truffle veganaise on an everything bagel from tov bagel

      allergens: gluten, soy

      gluten-free bagel available

    • WEEKLY SPECIAL: monte disco (vegan)

      tofu “egg”, beyond breakfast sausage, and strawberry mostarda on two pieces of vegan ciabatta french toast

      allergens: gluten, soy

    • donuts (vegan)

      two flavors available; flavors rotate daily

    • fresh juices

      pinky and the juice: watermelon, grapefruit, cayenne, red Hawaiian sea salt, and lime

      spa day: kale, cucumber, apple, and ginger

    • cinnamon rolls (vegan)

    • Lunch + Dinner (Noon to 9pm)

    • summer tomato sandwich (vegan)

      heirloom tomatoes, tofu ricotta, roasted onion jam, rainbow microgreens on a ciabatta bun served with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: soy, gluten

    • smash burger

      1/3 pound chuck patty, ramp aioli, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, served with a side of handcut fries

    • jfc: jerk fried cauliflower (vegan)

      beer-battered cauliflower tossed in spicy caribbean jerk sauce, topped with shichimi togarashi and pickled starfruit
      allergens: gluten, soy

    • nashville hot tofu sandwich (vegan)

      traditional nashville hot breaded tofu with dill pickle slaw on a sesame bun with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: tofu, soy, coconut

    • southern burger

      1/3 pound chuck patty, fried green tomato, candied bacon, pimento cheese, and arugula, served with a side of handcut fries

      allergens: gluten, dairy, pork

    • grilled michigan corn (vegan)

      grilled michigan sweet corn tossed in chili-lime butter

      allergens: soy

    • watermelon feta salad (vegetarian)

      watermelon, feta, mint, shichimi togarashi

      allergens: dairy

    • basket of handcut fries (vegan)

      basket of handcut fries tossed in our house seasoning blend